Swapnil is multimedia journalist who tells stories in contemporary formats including print, videos and podcasts.

A Decade of experience

He has more than 12 years of experience covering Enterprise Open Source, Cloud, Containers, IoT, Machine Learning and general tech.

His stories have appeared in a multitude of leading publications including CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, The New Stack, Linux Pro Magazine, ADMIN Magazine, HPE Insights, Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine, SweetCode, Linux For You, Electronics For You and more.

A career built on relationships

He maintains very strong relationships with both sides of the enterprise open source world – the community side (developers) and the executive side (CEOs). These relationships provided him access to in-depth technical details for technology articles, as well as expert insight for business articles.

A story teller of his kind

  • Long form features: Well researched, heavy input based feature articles about new technologies or trends.