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Nintendo Lite is here

TechCrunch reports that Nintendo has released a new Switch Lite version of its current-generation console, which attaches the controllers permanently, shrinks the hardware a bit, and adds a touch more battery life – but it also takes away the ‘Switch’ part of the equation, because you can only use it handheld, instead of attached to a TV or as a unique tabletop gaming experience.

Will you buy it?

SmallRig for GH5 and GH5S

After using SmallRig with my Sony A73, I decided to armor all of my Panasonics (GH5 and GH5S) with this awesome cage. I use SoundDevices sound recorder + SmallHD monitors on my cameras. I wanted less strain on the flash shoe mount. SmallRig takes over all the burden and also provides me with additional space to add more equipment (on-camera mic, sound recorder, on-camera lights, and monitor) without any risk to the camera body. If you are looking for SmallRigcage for your cameras, you can buy from Amazon:


Open Source Leaders: Dirk Hohndel Brings Open Source to VMware

Dirk Hohndel loves to keep a low-profile in the open source world but he can’t escape the limelight. He can often be seen in keynote discussions with his close friend, Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Both share a love for Linux and beyond. Hohndel is also a fellow scuba diver who dives with Torvalds in deep waters around the globe.

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