Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Swapnil Bhartiya


What Is AWS Outpost?

This is the first episode of a three-part-series about #AWS #OutPost. In this episode, Rob Hirschfeld (founder and CEO of RackN) explains what exactly...

New Open Source Projects for Kubernetes Security by Octarine

#Octarine has released two new open source projects aimed at improving Kubernetes security. #Kubernetes Common Configuration Scoring System (KCCSS) is a...

Finding Vulnerabilities In Kubernetes Configurations With KCCSS

Kubernetes Common Configuration Scoring System (KCCSS) is a new framework for rating security risks associated with misconfigurations, and kube-scan is a workload...

Solving Networking Problems In The Cloud Native Space | A Red Hat Panel

In this episode we talk about open source projects - including VirtIO, vDPA, DPDK and so one - solving some of the...

Why Armory Has Remote Work Culture | Andrew Backes

Armory is one of those companies that are embracing remote work culture, it allows the company to hire the best of the best developers...

SmallRig for GH5 and GH5S

After using SmallRig with my Sony A73, I decided to armor all of my Panasonics (GH5 and GH5S) with this awesome cage. I use...

Open Source Leaders: Dirk Hohndel Brings Open Source to VMware

Dirk Hohndel loves to keep a low-profile in the open source world but he can’t escape the limelight. He can often be seen in keynote...

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